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Terms of Service

Computers and Technology nowadays is complex, with many mission-critical components and processes. These components all need to work together flawlessly in order to create a functioning system.
Due to the complexities of this, there is always a certain level of risk involved when dealing with computer repair, maintenance and IT work in general. Depending on the repairs being undertaken, the risk factor changes. Every reasonable measure is put in place to ensure everything goes smoothly, and most of the time it does. However understanding the risks involved is paramount. In the unlikely event that things go wrong, they may result in (but not limited to) the following: complete or partial data loss, irreparable damage to components, misdiagnosis of faulty parts, personal injury to user, damage to businesses, etc.

By undertaking any works with JD Technology Services, you must acknowledge the risk outlined above. JD Technology Services will not be made liable for any losses or damages that come as a result of the work performed or anything related. JD Technology Services will make every effort to inform the user about the risks involved in the specific work before it is performed, however sometimes these issues cannot be foreseen.


Repairs and works completed by JD Technology Services are covered by a 48 hour return policy. If the issue resurfaces within 48 hours, JD Technology Services will reassess the issue and attempt to re-diagnose. If damage is deemed caused by the user, the user will be subject to extra fees and charges for the diagnosis work completed. JD Technology Services will not be liable for any extra fees and charges including but not limited to: hardware and/ or software purchases, labour charges etc. as required to resolve the issue in the event of a misdiagnosis or resurfacing issue.

Web & Email Hosting

The internet is an invaluable tool to conduct business nowadays. JD Technology Services empowers businesses to use this technology effectively. We have measures in place to keep websites running 99.9% of the time. These measures include 24-hour server monitoring, redundant infrastructure and daily backups. Even with redundant technologies, there will still be minor outages from time-to-time. Some of these outages may be caused by (but not limited to) the following: scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, periodic upgrades, environmental disasters, etc. By engaging in hosting services provided by JD Technology Services, you acknowledge that some of these outages will be unavoidable. JD Technology Services will not be liable for personal or business losses of any kind due to outages or loss of data. Some websites that are built by JD Technology Services contain software licenses that have been purchased through our developer channels. These software licenses usually remain property of JD Technology Services. If a website is transferred to a new host, you may need to purchase a new software license.

Deposit & Payments

Certain jobs will require a monetary deposit before commencement. These deposits are non-refundable. JD Technology Services will notify clients if a deposit is required during quotation. All jobs will require payment in full prior to release and return of the clients goods (including physical and digital), unless another agreement is made prior to commencement. For business services, payments are usually due within 7 days of invoicing. Failure to pay an invoice within 7 days may incur a late payment fee. Late fees are individual to the invoice and will be calculated if they are required.

Bookings & Cancellations

JD Technology Services reserves the right to charge a fee for cancelled bookings and appointments. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis to cover prior preparation and other costs. JD Technology Services understands that life is unexpected and sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. Cancellation fees will be waived in most circumstances where reasonable notice is given.


JD Technology Services prides itself on transparency. Every effort will be made to communicate openly and honestly when dealing with clients. As far as possible, the technical jargon will be broken down and explained, to assist users to understand the issues and risks involved with complex technology. Our aim is to create an open environment and for you to feel comfortable and assured throughout the entire process. You are invited to give suggestions and if you have specific needs, please don’t be afraid to ask. JD Technology Services will make every effort to accommodate all clients and does not discriminate.

Reciprocal Agreement

By entering a client relationship with JD Technology Services, you agree to the terms of our Reciprocal Agreement. This agreement is in place to protect the relationship between both the client & JD Technology Services, as well as outline the Terms & Expectations for both parties. It is of the upmost importance that the actions of both parties reflect the terms below when communicating throughout the entire life of the client relationship. You hereby agree to:

  • Always Act with Integrity
  • Communicate Openly & Honestly
  • Listen & Communicate with Respect
  • Respond in a Timely Manner
  • Demonstrate Patience & Understanding
  • Never Discriminate
  • Respect Personal & Business Boundaries
JD Technology Services reserves the right to terminate a client relationship at any time if we believe a client has breached any of our Terms or Policies. All paid invoices will be non-refundable, and all accounts and communications between parties will be terminated immediately. JD Technology Services will give written notification of a client relationship termination, which cannot be revoked under any circumstances.

Contact Details

Your contact details entered in this form may be used to get in touch with you. JD Technology Services may also contact you in the future with occasional follow-up surveys and marketing material. Your data will not be shared with any third parties, but will be retained for future customer records. If you wish to have your data removed, please email contact@jdtech.com.au.

The Terms and Conditions outlined above may change at any time without notice. Last edited: 01-06-2020